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Investors: Examples of Use

Below is a list of usage scenarios for ImpactBase for investors and advisors.

Experienced investor targeting specific impact goals, searching new opportunities:

In a dynamic marketplace, a centralized tool that tracks new goal-aligned investment opportunities is critical to efficient investing. A family office seeks to place additional capital in funds that support sustainable agribusinesses across Africa, and uses ImpactBase to create a list of funds for further diligence.


New Impact Investor, exploring the marketplace:

ImpactBase captures the broad scope of investing opportunities for investors currently “on the sidelines.” An impact investor and his advisors use ImpactBase to scan the landscape in Eastern Europe. His advisors recommend further exploration into the asset classes with well-developed fund managers.


Private Banker, bringing opportunities to clients:

ImpactBase empowers private bankers to effectively meet the demands of a growing and diverse set of clients seeking impact investments. While private bankers may have access to opportunities in more established impact investing sectors, research tools often narrowly focused on a single sector.

A private banker searches ImpactBase to find funds that meet diverse client interests. ImpactBase gives her access to funds targeting more developed sectors, including microfinance and clean energy solutions, and to funds in emerging sectors, including affordable housing in developing markets. She makes contact with several fund managers in each sector for further due diligence, ultimately bringing top opportunities to clients.