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Benefits for Fund Managers

Listing your impact investing funds and products on ImpactBase is the best way to increase visibility for your fund throughout the global impact investing community. Well over a hundred fund management firms and financial intermediaries currently publish fund and product profiles on ImpactBase.

Key Benefits for Fund Managers include:

  • Exposure to global impact investing community of institutional and individual accredited investors
  • Reduced search costs, allowing fund managers to more efficiently gain exposure to those who may be interested in their impact investment strategy
  • Easy online interface for uploading and updating information about your fund
  • Appropriate directory access where only accredited investors may search through the full platform


Download a Sample Fund Profile to see the type of information included in fund profiles


Getting Started

Get started by creating an account:

Once you create an account, adding fund profiles is fast and easy – the funds currently listed report that it takes less than one hour to create a profile.

Fund managers can also subscribe to ImpactBase to get a better view of the marketplace. Learn more.


FAQs for Fund Managers

1. What does it cost to list on ImpactBase?

Listing on Impactbase is currently free for fund managers.  However, we will continue to evaluate options for developing a payment model in the future, to more sustainably offer the benefits ImpactBase provides to subscribers and fund managers alike.

2. What types of funds and products are listed on ImpactBase?

ImpactBase lists funds and products across several asset classes, such as: Venture Capital/Private Equity, Fixed Income, and Real Assets. ImpactBase does not include SRI-screened or ESG-screened funds, though it includes Public Equity portfolios where impact is at the core of the portfolio and can be demonstrated beyond SRI or ESG screening.

To list on ImpactBase we require disclosure of a fund’s impact objectives, impact measurement, and impact targets – if social and environmental impact is not central to your investment approach, listing on ImpactBase is not appropriate

3. Is ImpactBase only for “open” funds and products?

No. As of February 2012, for instance, approximately three-quarters of profiled funds and products were open for investment. The remaining closed or completed profiles are published by fund managers in order to demonstrate track record and breadth of experience. ImpactBase provides information about impact investment funds throughout their lifecycle so as to provide a comprehensive view of funds across sectors, asset classes, and geographies, which enables users to track fund and industry development over time.

4. Can a fund manager list more than one fund?

Yes. Several fund managers have created multiple profiles. Fund managers are encouraged to create profiles for all of their impact investment funds.

5. Can fund managers search the database?

Yes. If you are an Accredited Investor, you can create a “subscriber” account to search the database.