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We are currently not accepting new fund submissions. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fund Managers (“Contributors”)

ImpactBase is open to accredited investors. Investors only see approved funds, not funds in draft states. Users comes a diverse set of institutions including pension funds, investment banks, family offices, investment advisors, foundations, development finance institutions, and fund managers.

No. The GIIN does not provide contact information for investors and advisors searching the tool.

Yes. To edit your fund go to My Profile tab and Edit Fund(s).

Yes. To save a draft, please complete the first two fields Fund Manager and Fund/Product Name and click "Save Draft" at the bottom of the add a fund form.

ImpactBase submissions are reviewed by the ImpactBase team before going live on the site. In order for the profile to be approved, fund managers must complete all mandatory fields and send a PPM or investment memo to [email protected]. Before posting, we may ask clarifying questions to fund managers, and verify information listed on ImpactBase profiles against investment documents.

No. A set of questions (roughly half) are required for listing on the site. Most fund managers supply significantly more information than is required, in order to provide more background on their approach and investment activity.

Yes. If you are an accredited investor, you can create a “subscriber” account to search the database.

Yes. Several fund managers using ImpactBase have created multiple profiles. Fund managers are encouraged to add profiles for completed funds to demonstrate track record.

No. While many funds listed on ImpactBase are open for investment, ImpactBase also provides information about closed or completed funds. By including both open and completed funds, ImpactBase aims to provide a comprehensive view of funds across sectors, asset classes, and geographies, which enables users to track fund and industry development over time.

ImpactBase lists funds across several asset classes: Venture Capital/Private Equity, Fixed Income, Real Assets, and certain funds that use hedging strategies, but ImpactBase does not include funds whose primary objective is exposure to public equity markets. To list on ImpactBase the GIIN requires disclosure of a fund’s impact objectives, impact measurement, and impact targets – if social and environmental impact is not central to your investment approach, listing on ImpactBase is not appropriate.

Listing on Impactbase is currently free for fund managers.

The GIIN restricts access to ImpactBase to users that the GIIN reasonably believes are accredited investors based on the information those users provide to the GIIN on an accredited investor questionnaire. Additionally, pursuant to the GIIN’s Terms of Use, users make a commitment to not invest in funds they become aware of through ImpactBase for at least 30 days after they receive access to ImpactBase. The GIIN has also developed a set of more detailed answers to commonly asked legal and regulatory questions. To request a copy of this FAQ, please email [email protected]

Investors & Advisors (“Subscribers”)

Yes. At the top of every search page users can select “save to favorites” to quickly return to a specific set of search criteria. Users can also save specific fund profiles by selecting “save to favorites” on the fund profile page. Favorites can be accessed from the Dashboard and also from My Profile.

ImpactBase has powerful search functionality, allowing users to narrow down their search results easily. Targeted Search allows you to select your initial criteria, and then refine your search further on the results page. For best results, only select a few criteria for the initial search (“going broad”) then refine later (“filter”) as needed.

ImpactBase was first opened to fund managers in Q4 of 2010. In February 2011, when ImpactBase opened to subscribers, more than 50 fund managers had created profiles on the platform. New funds are added daily and listed funds routinely update their profiles with new information about their investment activity. ImpactBase is only as valuable as the fund profiles included in the database. Investors and advisors are encouraged to recommend that fund managers list on ImpactBase.

The Global Impact Investing Network, which manages ImpactBase, requires all prospective users to complete an accredited investor questionnaire and create a password protected account. These restrictions are in order to comply with existing publicly-available SEC guidance. The GIIN will periodically release reports based on the data in ImpactBase to show industry trends in aggregate. These reports will be accessible to a broader audience.

Impactbase is currently provided by the Global Impact Investing Network as a free and public good for all eligible investors.